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My Name is Jenna Haefelin and I am the owner of SPIFF, a Luxury Home Organizing business based in Westchester, NY.

Ever since I was little, I wanted to straighten up…everything.

Weekly, I would rearrange my bedroom furniture, coming up with a new vision to recreate my space. I would ask for things like cleaning sets and vacuums for Christmas and I would tidy up any chance I got, including family vacations. When I reached the age where I could stay home alone, I looked forward to being alone so I could tidy up without distraction- not much has changed today.

I was born and raised in Rhinebeck, NY, where my obsession for cleaning began. From there, I moved to Westchester County to attend college and pursue other career paths. came to the realization that I wanted to own my own business like my parents did and have it be one that I was passionate about. For me, the home was my passion and I have created a business that doesn't only bring me happiness, but my Clients as well. 

In addition to my love for the home, I have a great love for ocean life, therefore I strive to create beneficial products that are eco-friendly for the home. I am excited to educate others on these important issues and providing information on different ways to help.


The home has always been an interest of mine- from architecture, to the inner detail such as interior design and organizing.

I am so grateful to own a business that I love that truly helps others.

I can't wait to help you fall in love with your home again.