Are you ready for an amazing change in your home AND health? If you could have someone come to your home to make the place you live in better for your health, help you save money, and help the planet, would you make the change? 


SPIFF is ready to completely transform your home, down to the air you breathe. We are ready to detox your home. Let us replace your toxic cleaning products with non-toxic, eco-friendly products to benefit your health, the environment AND your wallet. 

Clean living does more good for your health than you may think. 

Non toxic and eco friendly products eliminate the harsh chemicals, creating a safe, breathable atmosphere for you and your family. 


Benefits of going non-toxic/eco-friendly:

  1. Your health. Less chemicals in your body= a healthier you. You know that cleaner you use on your kids highchair? They can ingest that. 

  2. Money saver: purchase the bottle once and purchase the tablets for less than a new bottle would cost 

  3. You’re doing your part in helping the planet with something that ends up in our oceans

  4. Saves resources- less packaging needed means there is less plastic in our landfills 

  5. Aesthetics- these cleaners actually look great too! We’re all for nice branding and these companies are killing it!


What we will do:

  • Assess current products in your home 

  • Create a list of what you will need 

  • Share the different options with you

  • Remove the old products and add the new goodies

  • We take the old products and donate to cleaning companies and people in need, so nothing goes to waste



We also love to detox negative energy, ask us to sage your space after an organizing project.