Serving NY, NJ, CT & Southern FL

SPIFF offers luxury home organizing for everything from transforming closets to garages and

beyond, as well as when you need a plan for moving or a remodel.

We create beauty while keeping the functionality for you and your family.

Each client has different needs and each project is tailored specifically for you.

Your SPIFF journey begins with an intro call where we discuss your pain points, vision and 

determine which spaces to prioritize.

From there, we schedule your SPIFF transformation.

Between the consultation and your start date, the SPIFF team creates your custom solution,

shops for all needed materials and gets excited to turn your vision into a reality.

We know our clients are eager to see their newly organized homes and are looking for quick

results. As such we have created three SPIFF packages, all of which includes three 5-Hour

sessions to complete your SPIFF transformation in 15 hours.

The Spark:

There is minimal organizing needed and you are not in a rush. Great for a closet & wardrobe.

Our most popular package for recurring clients.


The Zest:

There is a fair amount to get organized and you would like it finished in a reasonable amount of


Our most popular package for first time clients.


The Cleanse:

There is a lot of work to do, and you’d like to get it done as fast as possible.

Looking to SPIFF your whole house or multiple properties?

Ask about our whole transformation


Think you only need a few hours? Inquire about our hourly rate options.

On a budget or would like to DIY? We offer virtual DIY services.


Please inquire for more information.