The Advice Call: $200

  • This is a great service for someone on a budget or someone who loves to DIY, but needs a few pointers.

 includes one hour of video calls 

  • Includes 1 hour of FaceTime (can break into two sessions)

  • Going over the scope of your project 

  • SPIFF recommendations (from furniture placement, to editing suggestions and space maximizing solutions).

  • Product and product placement recommendations



The Detailed Call: $400

  • This is great for someone who likes to DIY, needs some pointers and doesn’t want to do the product sourcing

  • Includes 2 hours on FaceTime (broken into two sessions) and 30 minutes of product sourcing

  • During your initial call, we will go over your space, discussing your problem areas

  • Collect measurements 

  • Discuss how to edit out and rearrange your space if needed

  • Budget for shopping list

  • Placement for product